Normal Values for Random Urinary Calcium to Creatinine Ratios in Children and Young Adults,Kermanshah(2000-2001)


avatar Mahtab Rahbar 1 , * , avatar K Mardanpour 1 , avatar Sh Vazirian 1 , avatar M Rezaei 1


how to cite: Rahbar M, Mardanpour K, Vazirian S, Rezaei M. Normal Values for Random Urinary Calcium to Creatinine Ratios in Children and Young Adults,Kermanshah(2000-2001). J Kermanshah Univ Med Sci. 2007;11(2):e80663.


Introduction: Since hypercalciuria is implicated in renal stone formation, random urine calcium to creatininee ratio (UCA/CR) is the practical use in screening for hyperalciuria. However, due to worldwide variations in reference values for human population and difficulty of 24 hr urine collection for detection of hypercalciuria, we decided to conduct this study to determine normal confecting random UCA/CR ratio in the west part of Iran, Kermanshah.
Materials and Methods:  This descriptive analytical cross-sectional study was performed through classification and cluster sampling technique on 3600 healthy people of both genders in Kermanshah They were divided into four groups, as fallows: [1] girls13 years old, [2] women>13 years old, [3] boys13 years old, and [4] men>13 years old. A non-fasting random urine specimen from each subject was analyzed for calcium and creatininee.
Results: The mean values and standard deviation for random UCA/CR ratio, with the accuracy of 95%, in the four above-mentioned groups revealed as 0.220.14, 0.200.14, 0.220.19 and 0.190.12 respectively. According to the results, there was a reverse and significant relation between UCA/CR and Age, and also a direct and significant relation between UCA/CR and Age.  UCR/CR ratio in children was more than that of adults, and showed to be the same in both sexes.  
Conclusion: To sum up, it seems that UCA/CR ratio in female is more than that of male. The variations of UCA/CR in different studies emphasize on the role of geographic location. This, as well as other extrinsic factors such as nutritional habits, source of drinking water etc, may influence normal values of UCA/CR ratio.


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