Quality Promotion Obstacles of Processes by FOCUS–PDCA in the Viewpoints of the Trained Staff of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences (2003)


avatar Soraia Siabani 1 , * , avatar F Mansouri 1 , avatar M Rezaei 1 , avatar B Karamimatin 1


how to cite: Siabani S, Mansouri F, Rezaei M, Karamimatin B. Quality Promotion Obstacles of Processes by FOCUS–PDCA in the Viewpoints of the Trained Staff of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences (2003). J Kermanshah Univ Med Sci. 2007;11(2):e80681.


Introduction: Iranian Ministry of Health has chosen "Total Quality Management/TQM" and "FOCUS–PDCA" as the best tools for improving medical & health services. Kermanshah University of medical sciences attempted and performed several workshops on TQM and FOCUS – PDCA for staff and managers. Evidence revealed that those who attended these workshops would have been expected to make better use of their training at work, but surprisingly they didn’t. This research was aimed to find the trainees' opinions in this respect.
Materials & Methods: In this descriptive-analytical study we used purposive and convenience sampling. Subjects were 400 people whom all participated. They completed a two-part questionnaire, containing questions about demographic information and obstacles of using FOCUS–PDCA dealing with 5 variables _budget, system, method, management and staff. The reliability of questionnaire, through pilot study, it was determined by test-re test and for validity, content validity was applied. Χ2, Benferoni post hoc test and ANOVA was employed to analyze data gathered via this questionnaire.
Results: 390 subjects completed the questionnaire. 45.7% male and 71.8% were BS or higher BS. 40.5% had over 15 years of work experience, and 42.7% worked in the Health Field. 88.5% showed to be familiar with FOCUS– PDCA. 45.5% attended in the promotion of at least one process. There was no significant relation between knowledge and practice at their work. 45.3% introduced "Management" as the main obstacle of using FOCUS – PDCA. There was a significant difference between the mean of 5 variables in different departments (p=0.001).
Conclusion: Although the trained staff have had a good knowledge about FOCUS – PDCA, they didn’t use it appropriately due to lack of support from managers and enough money, therefore we recommend the administrators to choose enthusiastic, efficient and knowledgeable managers concerning the matter, and also consider provision of enough budgets for it due to long-term benefit of TQM as a managerial philosophy.


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