Effects of alkylbenzene sulfonate on rat's brain AMP deaminase activity


avatar D Ghoojagh 1 , * , avatar AM Ghazi Mirsaeed 1 , avatar M Ahanjan 1


how to cite: Ghoojagh D, Ghazi Mirsaeed A, Ahanjan M. Effects of alkylbenzene sulfonate on rat's brain AMP deaminase activity. J Kermanshah Univ Med Sci. 2002;6(2):e81004.


Introduction and Objective: Alkylbenzene sulfonate is used as surfactant and, being discarded into rivers, it acts as an  environmental pollutant. The enzyme  AMP deaminase  may be potentially useful in delineating the possible mechanisms of biological toxicity of alkylbenzene sulfonate.
Materials and Methods:  We studied the effects of alkylbenzene sulfonate on rat's brain AMP deaminase activity  by measuring ( with spectrophotometry) the enzyme activity with and without exposure to  5-10 micromole  concentrations of alkylbenzene sulfonate, using 30 specimens in each study arm.
Results: Enzyme activity in presence and absence of exposure to alkylbenzene sulfonate was 92.85±8.52  and 18.31±2.45 nmol/min/gr brain protein, respectively.
Discussion and Conclusions: Alkylbenzene sulfonate may inhibit AMP deaminase  by reacting to its active site. Our results may be used to understand the toxicity of alkylbenzene sulfonate.


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