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Noise pollution due to traffic in Kermanshah


avatar M Omidvaari 1 , * , avatar N Ghahvei 1 , avatar M Ekhtiaari 1

1 Iran

How to Cite: Omidvaari M, Ghahvei N, Ekhtiaari M. Noise pollution due to traffic in Kermanshah. J Kermanshah Univ Med Sci. 2002;6(3):e81018.


Journal of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences: 6 (3); e81018
Published Online: December 19, 2002
Article Type: Research Article
Received: August 12, 2002
Accepted: December 11, 2002


Introduction and Objectives: This study was done to evaluate the level of noise pollution due to traffic  in Kermanshah.
 Materials and Methods: In the first step of this cross sectional study, general noise was measured in midpoint between street and sidewalk, using Quest-2900 and B&K 2230, at 4-8 pm  at 328 points in main streets of Kermanshah, at spring of 1379.. In the second step, the level of noise received by residents (shopkeepers and police) was measured according to Leq factor, using Quest dosimeter.
 Results: Background noise  was very high. L50 and L90 were 68 and 63 dB, respectively. Shopkeepers received 74.3 and 75.6 dB , at squares and streets respectively, and police received 73.5 and 75dB, at squares and streets respectively.
Discussion and Conclusions: Noise pollution due to traffic in Kermanshah is much  higher than standards. Broadening the streets and placing noise absorbent panels in streets is recommended. 


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