Low back pain risk factors in Patient Referred to Kermanshah Hospitals


avatar MB Shamsi 1 , * , avatar S Rezaei 1


how to cite: Shamsi M, Rezaei S. Low back pain risk factors in Patient Referred to Kermanshah Hospitals. J Kermanshah Univ Med Sci. 2006;10(1):e81711.


Introduction: Though Low Back Pain (LBP) is a universal problem, local factors in different societies can affect it. This study was conducted to investigate risk factors of LBP among patients referred to Kermanshah, Hospital.
Material and Methods: A previously validated questionnaire was used for collecting information on patient’s characteristics and confronting to risk factors. 604 people referring to clinics with LBP were selected as LBP group and the same number complaining other sicknesses (other than LBP) were matched as control.
Results: 53.7 of LBP and 52.7 of control group were male. Mean age(y), height(cm), weight (kg),body mass index (kg/m2 ) in LBP and control groups were 42.6±14.63 & 42.57±14.54 , 166.34±9.14  & 166.18±9.28 , 68.54±21.71 &  67.96±12.34 , 2.51± 0.44  &  2.52±0.46 respectively. In two groups most occupation and the level of literacy were housekeeping (41.8 %  & 40.2% ) and illiteracy (32.1% & 32.3% ) respectively. In LBP and control groups 91.3% & 91.5% had more than 5 times (as high rate) bending each day , 77.9% & 75.8% had more than an hour sedentary standing, 69.8% & 71.0% had been carrying heavy objects (more than 12 kg), 39.1% and 41.3% had been sitting more than 2 hours continually, 13.4% & 14.4% had been driving more than an hour each day, 21.3%, 19.7% were smokers, 15.4% &15.7% had the history of sport activities.
Conclusion: Unlike some similar studies, in this study no significant association between these risk factors and LBP incidence was found (P<0.001). Further longitudinal studies are necessary to establish these risk factors.


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