Myxoma of the right and left ventricles, A Case Report


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23 year – old women refered to our center with previous dyspnea. She was pregnant and her gestational age was 12 weeks . Two weeks ago, she found spotting , therefore she went to gynecologist. In routine examination, she revealed murmer, in upper left sternal border and was refered to cardiologist . Transthoracic echocardiography performed revealed two large masses in the right and left ventricles. In the past history , she had previous abortion about 8 months ago . She was nominated for urgent operation. TEE revealed large masses in the right and left ventricles (figures 2,3).The operation was performed through a sternotomy incision. Using standard bicaval and aortic canulation the CPB was established and using standard cardioplegic arrest,right atrium opened, but resection of tumor was impossible from the tricuspid valve and we opened the pulmonary artery. A tumoral mass had protruted the pulmonary artery and its base was near to pulmonary valve on septal band that was removed entirely. To approach to left ventricular mass we tried from left atrium that was inconclusive thus transvers aortotomy was performed but complete resection of tumor was impossible and we performed left ventriculotomy and both masses (one attached to septum and another to LV free wall ) were resected . The atriutomy , ventriculotomy and arteriotomy were closed in routin manner. In the second day of ICU hospitalization she aborted her fetus and after ten days she discharged from hospital with good condition . After one month she came to our hospital , transthorasic echocardiography was performed which reaveled only mild PI .No sign of recurrence was noted.


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