A Peripatetic Discourse on Sildenafil


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Far from being a muni or a yogi, many years have passed since I have lost all the desire to write medical articles for medical journals. Along with this several other desires have also died in me. The following is a peripatetic discourse, not a formal paper, on sildenafil, in response to a request repeated several times by a close Friend of Old Times, Dr M.A.Youssefnia, now a prominent cardiac surgeon at several hospitals, president of the Cardiac Surgeon’s Society, and many other professional organizations.
The imitation of the occidental methods, including “publish or perish” motto, has driven the underdeveloped world to the brink of insanity and chaos, with a mushrooming of many sham journals, seminars, conventions, workshops etc, etc most of which are ruminations of works already published, or mock imitation of original research works, with a premeditated, selective “publish or perish “effect at local levels


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