Stem Cell Transplantation and Cardiac Repair: A Review of Its Current and Future Status


avatar Mohammad Reza Mohammadhassani 1 , * , avatar Hassan Radmehr 1 , **

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how to cite: Mohammadhassani M R , Radmehr H. Stem Cell Transplantation and Cardiac Repair: A Review of Its Current and Future Status. Multidiscip Cardio Annal. 2011;3(1):e8732.


After myocardial infarction, injured cardiomyocytes are replaced by fibrotic tissue promoting
the development of heart failure. Stem cells are multipotent, undifferentiated
cells capable of multiplication and differentiation. Preliminary experimental evidence
suggests that stem cells derived from embryonic or adult tissues (especially bone marrow)
may develop into myocardial cells. The overall clinical experience also suggests
that stem cell therapy can be safely performed, if the right cell type is used in the right
clinical setting. Preliminary efficacy data indicate that stem cells have the potential to
enhance myocardial perfusion and/or contractile performance in patients with acute
myocardial infarction, advanced coronary artery disease, and chronic heart failure.
However, at the present time, the results have been mixed and inconclusive, and the
mechanism of stem cell transplantation therapy remains unclear. This review discusses
the controversies and problems that need to be addressed in future investigations


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