Training Effect on Pain after Kegel Colporraphy Surgery


avatar aseih mobaraki 1 , * , avatar Akbar Rostamynejad 2

Department of Nursing, Faculty of Paramedicine, Yasouj University of Medical Sciences, Yasouj, Iran
Department of Anesthesiology, Faculty of Paramedicine, Yasouj University of Medical Sciences, Yasouj, Iran

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Background : Colporrhaphy is a common surgical operation in women. There are many problems in this disease such as pain, lack of effective pain control, unpleasant psychological and physiological effects, etc. this study was conducted with the aim of analyzing the effect of the Kegel exercises as noninvasive relaxation methods on alleviating pain subsequent to conducting colporrhaphy operation.
Materials and Methods : The present study was a clinical trial, randomized and double-blind study which was conducted on 64 patients who had undergone colporrhaphy operation in 2009. Our samples were divided into two groups. Kegel exercises were used in case group before surgical operation in order to alleviate pain while routine cares were used in the control group. The severity of pain, volume of narcotic consumption, and frequency of narcotic consumption during first 48 hours were studied. The data were analyzed with SPSS-12 software and student t-test.
Results : According to Visual Analogue Scale (VAS), the mean pain severity after surgical operation in two case and control groups stood at 5.9±0.8 and 7.9±0.5, respectively. In the meantime, the average frequency of drug consumption stood at 4.09±1.03 times, the average amount of drug consumption in the case and control groups stood at 47.4±46.9 and 154.7±51.4 mg, respectively. The above results were statistically significant (p=0.05).
Conclusion : Using Kegel exercises after Colporrhaphy surgical operation is associated with less pain and frequency and amount of drug consumption has been distinguished less. It is recommended to use Kegel exercises as a noninvasive and non-pharmaceutical method in order to reduce pain after colporrhaphy operation.


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