Survey on validity and reliability of diagnostic questionnaire of internet addiction disorder in students users


avatar S. Salman Alavi 1 , * , avatar Fereshte Jannatifard 2 , avatar Mehdi Eslami 3 , avatar Hossein Rezapour 4

Msc of Psychology, School of Management and Medical Informatics, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, Isfahan, Iran.
BSC of Health, Education Organization of Isfahan. Gay religion, Isfahan, Iran.
Psychiatrist, Shohadaye Lenjan Hospital, Isfahan, Iran.
Msc of Psychometry, Azad University of Naeen Branch, Naeen, Iran.

how to cite: Alavi S S, Jannatifard F, Eslami M, Rezapour H. Survey on validity and reliability of diagnostic questionnaire of internet addiction disorder in students users. Zahedan J Res Med Sci. 2011;13(7):e93820. 


Background: Internet occupies a large part of youth's life and each year more reports are published a bout Internet addiction disorder (IAD).This study argues the validity and reliability of Young Diagnostic Questionnaire (YDQ) correspondence Iranian society and culture.
Materials and Method: This is a cross-sectional and descriptive-analytical research. For these purpose 400 students of Isfahan universities were subjected. Sampling method was quota sampling. Cases completed demographic questionnaire, Compulsive Internet Use Scale (CIUS) and YDQ (Young Diagnostic Questionnaire). Finally we performed a psychiatric interview (based on DSM-IV-TR) for all of the samples. For data analysis we used face, discriminative and concurrent validity, Chronbach α, split half, test-retest and ROC Curve by SPSS-14 Software.
Results: Concurrent validity was (r=0.78, 0.81), discriminative validity was (r=0.62). Besides YDQ shows internal consistency (α=0.70), split-half validity(r=0.64), test –retest reliability (r=0.74, p<0.01). The best cut off point for this questionnaire is number 4.
Conclusion: The result showed that Persian version of YDQ is valid and reliable. Considering lack of a valid and reliable questionnaire for measuring addiction to the internet, YDQ could be a suitable tool for measuring internet addiction in future research


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