Survey of quantity and quality of hospital wastes in Sistan and Balouchestan Province, 1387-1388


avatar Edris Bazrafshan 1 , * , avatar Ferdos Kord mostafapour 1

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Environmental Health Engineering, Research Center for Health Promotion and Social Development, Zahedan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, Zahedan, Iran.

how to cite: Bazrafshan E, Kord mostafapour F. Survey of quantity and quality of hospital wastes in Sistan and Balouchestan Province, 1387-1388. Zahedan J Res Med Sci. 2010;12(1):e94349.


Background: This study was performed to determine quantitative and qualitative characteristics of hospital wastes produced in Sistan and Balouchestan hospitals and to state health management information to improve environmental health level of hospitals and health safety of staff and personnel related to hospital environment. Materials and methods: This descriptive-cross sectional study was performed in 14 active hospitals in the province during 1387-88. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of hospital wastes was performed two times monthly for one year. The data were analyzed using statistical Excel and SPSS softwares. Results: The average of total quantity of waste produced in all hospitals was 6096.41 kg/day. Medical waste generation rate for total waste, infectious waste, general waste and sharp waste are 2.76±0.10, 1.36±0.66, 1.37±0.66 and 0.042±0.028 kg/bed-day, respectively, which is comprised of 51.6% (3142.05 kg/day) of infectious waste, 47.2% (2880.25 kg/day) general waste and 1.2% (74.11 kg/day) sharps waste. Conclusion: Considering the high percentage of infectious waste, it can be concluded that despite plentiful efforts on the separation of hospital waste, yet there are various problems that requires more attention to this issue and also use of new methods for safe disposal of hospital wastes.


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