Study of effects of epidural analgesia on labor process


avatar Naser Yeganeh 1 , *

Anesthesia dept, Taleghani hospital, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences and health services, Kermanshah, Iran.

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Background: Labor pain is one of the most sever pain which only the females experience it.
In all of the countries continuous epidural analgesia is known as the most reliable and safe
method. In spite of this there are some concerns about the effects of analgesia on mother and
fetus hence avoiding this technique in Iran. This article undertaken to show the effects of
continuous segmental epidural analgesia on the labor process Methods and materials: This study is a randomized clinical trial undertaken in Kermanshah
UMSHS. Study conducted on 90 primipara cases ranging between 17-30 years old age which
randomly allocated in two case and control groups. Segmental epidural block with
bupivacaine combined with sufentanil was conducted in the study group. Data collected with
check list and analized with SPSS software. Differences of labor duration in the first and
second phases was compared with t-test, any unwanted cesarean section due to dystopia or
fetal distress with exact Fischer test, apgar scores of newborns in two groups with corrected K
square test aby use of devices for delivery with K square test and quality of analgesia was
measured with visual analog score (VAS).
Results: In this study labor duration in two groups for first and second stages showed no
significant difference (P<0.05), also unwanted sectarian section, use of vacuum or forceps
and first minute apgar scores of nweborns didn't show any significant differences. Complete
analgesia (VAS=0) obtained in 97.8% of cases and remaining 2.2% experienced partial
analgesia (VAS≤ 2).
Conclusions: If cases are selected correctly and confusing factors and partial and absolute
contraindications of epidural technique are spared continuous segmental epidural analgesia
hasn't any side effects on labor process and mother and fetus health.


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