Effect of cimetedine on multiple warts


avatar M Banihashemi 1 , * , avatar Mehdi Mohammadi 2

Dermatology dept, Faculty of medicine, Zahedan University of Medical Sciences and health services, Zahedan, Iran.
Epidemiology and statistics dept, Faculty of health, Zahedan University of Medical Sciences and health services, Zahedan, Iran.

how to cite: Banihashemi M, Mohammadi M. Effect of cimetedine on multiple warts. Zahedan J Res Med Sci. 2003;5(3):e95174.


Wart is a viral disease; it has many different types and has many different methods of
treatment. Oral cimetedine is a safe method for recalcitrant multiple common warts,
although it has been reported as a successful method, it hasn’t been used as a routine
method yet. This study was performed to determine the effect of cimetedine on
recalcitrant multiple warts.
It was a single - blind clinical trial study in 1379-1380 in Khatam - Al - Anbia hospital
in Zahedan. 42 patients in two groups were included; after unifying them considering
location, number and type of warts: the patients were randomly divided in two groups;
the first group were treatment with cimetedine 30 mg \kg daily for 3 months and the
second group were treated with placebo for 3 months. After 3 month patients were
evaluated. Inclusion criteria: recalcitrant multiple warts, not using cimetedine and other
immunodeficient drugs, not having any contraindication for cimetedine and no history of
lymphoma and leukemia. Results were interpreted using chi - square test.
In cease group 8 patients (%19) showed an absolute improvment, 7 patients (%17) a
relative improvement and 27 patients (%64) had no improvement. In control group 5
patients (%12) had an absolute improvment, 3 patients (%7) a relative improvement, and
34 patients (%81) had no improvment. In both groups no significant difference between
drug and improvement was abserved (P>0/05).
But when we divided the patients into two age sub groups in both main groups, 12 and
under 12and over 12 years old, no differences in the two subgroup of case group
Between treatment and age patient was seen, but in control group in 12 and lower 12
years old a significant diffrence between placebo treatment and age was observed
(P =0/01307).
This study showed that cimetedine is not more effective than placebo so it is similar to
other reserches; However, this study showed treatment with placebo in children with
multiple warts must be highly considered like in some other skin diseases such as chronic
urticaria, alopcia areata, and lichen planus which are treated by plaecbo.


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