The effective factors in the result of the basic science scores in students of Zahedan University of medical sciences


avatar Masoud Roudbari 1 , * , avatar F Dadgar 2

Public health dept, Faculty of Health, Zahedan University of Medical Sciences and health services, Zahedan, Iran.
Medical student.

how to cite: Roudbari M, Dadgar F. The effective factors in the result of the basic science scores in students of Zahedan University of medical sciences. Zahedan J Res Med Sci. 2002;4(4):e95314.


The basic science (BS) is the first examination of the Medical students after starting the medical
courses. This examination can assess their abilities in performing a doctor’s responsibilities. It is
expected the students who are not successful in the exam, have some problems in their future
examinations. This research has described some of important factors, which are most effective in the
results of the exam.
The target population is 206 participants in the exam from Shahrivar 78 to Esfand 79. The study
is cohort and for the analysis, the students' means and the scores of 10 courses of the period together
with the final score and some demographic factors were collected. The time of the study is 1380.
The failed students were 41 (20%) and the mean of the final basic science scores are significantly
different in two age groups (19-21 & more than 21)(P=0.000). The means of final scores are
different in different marital statues (P=0.038) and different quota system (P=0.000). Also, the final
scores are different due to difference in basic science period (5 semesters and more than 5)
(P=0.000). Finally the final score are different in students with different gap between university and
high school (at most 1 year or at least 2 years)(P=0.002).
The regression equations show that the scores of Microbiology and Parasitology, the
demographic factors of sex, quota system have the most important role in the result and the score of
the BS examinations. The average of the BS period and the gap between high school and University,
together with the score of Physiology (2) have the less role in the result of the examinations. The
adjusted coefficient of determination is R2=0.60 and the Regression were successful in predicting in
the correct result of the 87.9% participants.


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