Health Scope Achieves New Milestone: Impact Factor Rises to 0.6 in JCR 2024

Last Update: 29 June, 2024 | 12:18

Health Scope journal celebrates impact factor increase to 0.6 in JCR 2024, reflecting its growing influence in public health and health sciences research.

We are thrilled to announce a significant achievement for Health Scope in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) 2024 update.

Health Scope's impact factor has been updated to 0.6 according to the latest JCR, marking an important milestone in our journal's influence and reach within the field of public health and health sciences.


This achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our editorial team, reviewers, and authors who have contributed to publishing high-quality research in the field of health sciences. The rise in impact factors reflects the growing recognition of Health Scope as a valuable resource for researchers and practitioners in this critical area of study.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all those involved with Health Scope, particularly our esteemed authors, whose valuable contributions have greatly enhanced the journal's academic standing. This update in our JCR ranking further fuels our motivation and commitment to continuously elevating Health Scope's quality and establishing it as a globally recognized authority in the realm of public health research.

The new impact factor of 0.6 represents a significant step forward for Health Scope and demonstrates the increasing relevance and impact of the research published in our journal. It reflects the trust placed in us by the scientific community and the importance of the work we publish.

We cordially invite researchers and investigators worldwide to join us in this endeavor by submitting their original and innovative manuscripts to Health Scope. The journal is indexed in prestigious databases, ensuring wide visibility for your work in the field of public health and health sciences.

As we celebrate this achievement, we remain committed to our mission of advancing knowledge in public health and improving health outcomes through the publication of high-quality research. We look forward to continuing this upward trajectory and further increasing our impact in the coming years.

 Thank you for your continued support and contributions to Health Scope. Together, we can make significant strides in improving global health and well-being