International Cardiovascular Research Journal Achieves 0.2 Impact Factor - A Milestone in Growth

Last Update: 30 June, 2024 | 13:15

International Cardiovascular Research Journal (ICRJ) achieves 0.2 impact factor in JCR 2024, marking significant progress in cardiovascular research influence.

We are pleased to announce that the International Cardiovascular Research Journal (ICRJ) has reached a significant milestone in its journey. In the latest Journal Citation Reports (JCR) 2024 update, ICRJ has achieved an impact factor of 0.2, marking an important step in our journal's development and influence within the cardiovascular research community.

This milestone reflects the dedication and hard work of our contributors, reviewers, and editorial team in establishing ICRJ as an emerging platform for quality cardiovascular research. It's a testament to the increasing relevance and impact of the studies we publish.

The achievement of this impact factor comes at a time when cardiovascular research is more critical than ever. Heart disease remains a leading cause of mortality worldwide, and the insights published in ICRJ contribute valuable knowledge that can potentially influence clinical practices and patient outcomes.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all our authors who have chosen ICRJ as the platform to share their research. Your trust in our journal has been instrumental in reaching this milestone. We also thank our dedicated reviewers and editorial board members whose rigorous standards ensure the quality of our publications.

As we celebrate this achievement, we remain committed to our mission of advancing cardiovascular research. We invite researchers, clinicians, and thought leaders in the field to continue this journey with us by submitting their cutting-edge research to ICRJ.

The new impact factor of 0.2 is not just a reflection of our progress but a stepping stone towards greater heights. We are excited about the future and the opportunity to elevate further the standard of cardiovascular research published in ICRJ.

Thank you for your continued support and contributions.