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Full Journal TitleJournal of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences
Aim & ScopeJ Kermanshah Univ Med Sci is a peer-reviewed medical quarterly which is informative to all clinical and basic aspects of medicine. Original papers, review articles, case reports, brief reports, and letters to the editor in the field of all aspects of medical sciences are welcome. Authors are requested to submit their papers electronically by using the journal online submission.
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J Kermanshah Univ Med Sci is welcome the following categories of articles:

Original articles: Novel findings that contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge in medical fields will be considered for publication as an original research article. These articles should be limited to a maximum of 10 printed pages, including a structured abstract (both in English and Persian) of not more than 250 words and 8 figures and tables (combined).

Review Articles: The results of various investigations in a given area of the medical sciences submitted by expertise in the fields, by invitation of the editorial board may be considered for publication as Review articles. These articles are not required to be divided into different sections but should have an abstract, not more than 250 words and introduction sections. The number of references should not be less than 30. At least 10% of references should be results of the author investigations published in indexed journals.

Case Reports: These types of articles should introduce a novel and rare case and consist of Abstract (does not needed to be structured), Introduction, Case presentation, Discussion, and References. Necessary documents such as 1-4 figures of case pathology reports and laboratory test reports should be included in the submission package.

Brief Reports: New and important information resulting from limited studies but of the same level as the original research article will be considered for publication as Brief Report. These manuscripts should have the same format requirement as full paper but should be limited to maximum 1200 words or maximum 3 printed pages including an unstructured abstract of not more than 100 words and 4 figures and tables (combined).

Letters to the Editor: Opinions on professional subject and comments to the recently published articles in the journal will be considered for publication as Letter to the editor. Letters should not have subtitles and should be limited to 500 words including maximum 5 references without any tables or figures.

Scientific CollaboratorKermanshah University of Medical Sciences
Abbreviation TitleJ Kermanshah Univ Med Sci
ISSNPrint: 2588-2562 | Electronic: 2588-2570
Type of PublishingArticle-Based Publishing (Continuous)
PriceOnline: Open Access
Article Submission ChargeThere is no article submission charge in this journal.
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