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Article ID Title
113268 The effect of sub-chronic administration of brewed coffee on long-term potentiation (LTP) in rat models of Alzheimer's disease
116040 The Association between Serum Testosterone changes and Coronary Artery Disease in Men
119889 Knowledge of Social Media Users about Covid-19 and its Challenges: a Mixed Method Study
121368 Mobile Health Could be as Solution in Overcoming Challenges of care in Patients who need Peritoneal Dialysis
121851 6-Minute walk distance in a healthy middle-aged Iranian population
122414 Toward the Policy of Active screening case finding of HIV among High Risk Groups in Iran
122523 Comparison of marital satisfaction between nurse couples and those whose spouse is not a nurse and predicting factors of marital satisfaction
123479 The Effect of Telenursing on Caregiver Burden of Care and Incidence of some Complications in Patients with Acute Stroke Discharged from Neurological Wards; A Randomized Control Trial