Screening Mammography for Breast Cancer in Women Using Bi‐RADS Scores


avatar MM Tariq 1 , avatar S Khubaib 1 , avatar AB Imran 1 , avatar Muhammad Ibrahim 2 , *

Institute of Allied Health Sciences, FMH-College of Medicine and Dentistry, Lahore, Pakistan
School of Physiotherapy, Mayo Hospital KEMU/ GDS College, Lahore, Pakistan

how to cite: Tariq M, Khubaib S, Imran A, Ibrahim M . Screening Mammography for Breast Cancer in Women Using Bi‐RADS Scores. Int J Cancer Manag. 2011;4(1):e80723.


Background: Breast cancer is third order malignancy in women among other malignancies. Various studies showed that incidence of breast cancer can be lower down by early detection of breast cancer. Mammographic screening is considered more effective modality in detecting early stage breast cancer in women who are at elevated risk for breast cancer. The aim of this study is to report the results of mammographic screening of women based on the Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS) for breast cancer.
Methods: Five hundred four women aged >40 years with no history of breast cancer, no complaints of breast symptoms during any self or clinical examination were underwent breast cancer screening using MAMMOMATE 1000 (Siemens). Descriptive analysis is performed for imaging finding and risk factors.
Results: The mean age of 504 women was 51±9.18 years. No family history of breast cancer was present in 418 women (82.9%: 95% CI, 79.4-86.1%). No cancer (negative & benign) was found in 469 women (93.1%: 95% CI, 90.47- 95.12%) with R1/R2 scores. For breast imaging scores, 71.62% of all women were R1, 21.42% were R2, 2.38% were R3 while 4.58% were R4 and above. No association (P>0.05) was found between BI-RADS imaging scores and risk factors.
Conclusion: In spite of low prevalence of breast cancer in our participants, still there is a need to educate the women at country level about the risk of breast cancer and significance of screening as a tool of early detection of breast cancer.


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