Kawasaki Disease (KD) in Iran: A Report of 85 Cases


avatar Ahmad Siadati 1 , * , avatar Farah Sabouni 2

Professor of Pediatric Infectious Disease, Research Center of Pediatric Infectious Disease, Central Children Hospital, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, [email protected], Iran
Pediatric Ward, Milad Hospital, Iran

how to cite: Siadati A, Sabouni F. Kawasaki Disease (KD) in Iran: A Report of 85 Cases. J Compr Ped.1(2): 9-12.


Background: Kawasaki disease (KD) is a systemic vasculitis that occurs most commonly in children les than 5 years. We assessed 85 cases of the disease (KD) in Iranian society of pediatrics from March 2004 to March 2005.
Materials and Methods: We retrospectively analyzed 85 medical records of children with KD; SPSS software Version 13.0 for windows was used for this statistical analysis. The distribution for clinical manifestations and laboratory findings were observed by using data collected from questionnaire forms enrolled all over Iran.
Results: In our report, 35 cases fulfilled all diagnostic criteria of KD whilst 36 cases had incomplete criteria (atypical form). 14 cases that enrolled were not fulfilled those criteria. Our criteria for case definition were according to Rowley's and Newburger’s studies.
Conclusion: We think that the number of atypical cases appears to be increasing.

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