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The study of Changes of menstrual cycle after tubal sterilization


avatar Maryam Zangeneh‎ 1 , avatar Mastaneh‏ ‏Kamravamanesh‎ 2 , * , avatar fiiroozeh Veisi 1 , avatar negin Rezavand 1 , avatar Mansour‏ ‏Rezaei ‎ 3

1 Department of obstetrics and‏ ‏Gynecology, high risk pregnancy‏ ‏researches center ‎Kermanshah‏ ‏University of Medical Sciences,‎‏ ‏Kermanshah‎, Iran

2 Department of Midwifery,‎‏ ‏School of Nursing and Midwifery,‎‏ ‏Kermanshah University of Medical Science Kermanshah‎, Iran

3 Department of Biostatistics‏ ‏and Epidemiology School of‏ ‏Health Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences,‎‏ ‏Kermanshah‎, Iran

How to Cite: Zangeneh‎ M , ‏Kamravamanesh‎ M , Veisi F, Rezavand N , ‏Rezaei ‎ M. The study of Changes of menstrual cycle after tubal sterilization. J Clin Res Paramed Sci. 2013;2(1):e82212.


Journal of Clinical Research in Paramedical Sciences: 2 (1); e82212
Published Online: May 16, 2013
Article Type: Research Article
Received: October 04, 2012
Accepted: March 16, 2013


Introduction: The existence of changes in menstrual cycle following tubal sterilization as a contraceptive method is a subject of debate. The purpose of this study was to determine changes in menstrual cycle after tubal sterilization related to age and previous contraceptive method.
Material & methods: This research is a descriptiveanalytical Study that carried out on 367 women who had undergone tubal sterilization during 2009-2011 years. The information were gathered by interview and telephone contact respectively before and 6-12 months after tubal sterilization and analyzed by SPSS soft ware.
Results: There was a significant relationship between changes in cycle intervals with age (P=0.02). Also there is no meaningful relationship between changes in menstrual cycle characteristics with contraceptive method.
Conclusion: The follow up of women undergoing tubal sterilization during 6-12 months show that the most of unfavorable changes in menstrual cycle take place in 40-47 age range and it can due to physiological changes in cycle about this age group.


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