Prevalence of Substance Abuse Among the Medical Students in Southern Iran


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Substance abuse is a serious problem .Incidence of substance abuse in Iranian students is high. The current study surveys of substance abuse in medical students in southern Iran

Patients and Methods:

From April 2008 to June 2009 in Iran, prevalence of substance use among 1000 Shiraz University medical students were assessed by a questionnaire based on DSM-IV


Overall 971 medical students completed the questionnaire. (54.8 %were males).. 22% of the male and 8% of the female students had a history of at least one episode substance abuse. The rate of substance abuse among the male students was significantly higher than females. (P value<0.05) The most important substance which was used was cigarette followed by water pipe.


Overall prevalence of substance use among the medical students in Iran is lower than west. In this study prevalence of substance use was significantly higher among the males and such as the other studies in Iran cigarette, water pipe, Alcohol and opium, were the most prevalent substances which used

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