Frequency of Enuresis in (5-10) Year Old Children in Tafila, Jordan.


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To estimate the frequency of enuresis in 5-10 year old Tafila children and to examine the

Material and Methods:

Across sectional study done in Tafila at Prince Zeid Hospital pediatric clinic for children 5-10 year old visiting it through asking the parents of 1000 children of whom 700 children completed the questionnaire which included items about age, sex, frequency of daytime and nighttime bed wetting, family history, strategies taken by parents to solve the problem and some socio- demographic factors associated with enuresis from January 2005- January 2006. Frequency tables and descriptive statistics were analyzed using the SPSS for Windows version 10 software program.


The response rate to the questionnaire was 70%(700/1000).The frequency of enuresis was 8.8%,mostly wetting >3 nights/wk 25(40.3%), male: female ratio was 1.58:1, Poor economic status of the family and low maternal education are important factors in enuretic children, and children concern to solve the problem is better than the parents(62.9%)vs.(37.1%).


The frequency of enuresis among Tafila children is 8.8% and is associated mostly with male gender, positive family history, poor socio- economic status, mother education and poor parents concern

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