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Last Update: 19 February, 2024 | 18:57

DOI: A key online tool for persistent content linking, ensuring accessibility and citation accuracy for journals at Brieflands.

Brieflands DOI and Crossref Services

DOI for Journals:

The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is a crucial tool for managing intellectual property online. It provides a persistent and actionable link to content, ensuring its accessibility regardless of any changes in location or publisher. This flexibility allows DOIs to be assigned at various levels, offering publishers a scalable and versatile platform for diverse applications.

Key Features of DOI:

Persistence: DOIs offer unparalleled stability. Even during system migrations or publisher changes, the DOI remains constant, ensuring that all existing links to content remain functional.   
Accountability: A properly implemented DOI leads users directly to the content they need with just one click. This efficiency highlights the model's dual focus on persistence and accountability.   

Advantages of DOI:

  • Reliable Citation Tracking: DOIs act as permanent links, efficiently managing all citations and views of articles, thus preventing any data loss.
  • Error Reduction: As web-based identifiers, DOIs significantly reduce human errors in editing references and ensure accurate citation aggregation.
  • Enhanced Visibility: DOIs are instrumental in driving more traffic to articles, increasing their reach and impact.
  • CitedBy Integration: Incorporating 'CITEDBY' references in your articles is streamlined with the use of DOIs.
  • Promoting Scientific Progress: DOIs encourage greater contributions to modern sciences and related articles, fostering a collaborative research environment.

CrossCheck: Ensuring Originality in Scholarly Work

Powered by iThenticate, CrossCheck is an innovative initiative launched by CrossRef. Its primary aim is to assist member organizations in proactively combating plagiarism in scholarly and professional publications. At Brieflands, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity in our publications. To achieve this, all journals published by Brieflands will utilize the CrossCheck service for thorough content verification.

CrossRef Cited-by Linking: Track and Showcase Citations


CrossRef's Cited-by Linking service is a powerful tool for authors and publishers. It enables you to uncover how your publications are being referenced in other works. By integrating this service into your online publication platform, you gain access to valuable insights about the impact of your work.

Key Features of the CITEDBY Service:

Accurate Citation Counts: Provides precise citation numbers, benefiting both authors and readers.   
Enhanced Visibility: By using standard XML output for the full text of articles, the service ensures the necessary metadata is available to aggregate and enhance citation numbers effectively.   
To fully utilize this service and maximize your publication's citation potential, ensure that your articles are formatted with the appropriate XML output.

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