List of Articles with Open Peer Review (OPR) in this Journal

Last Update: 01 October, 2023 | 07:11

  • What is Open Peer Review?

    An "Open Peer Review" process is making the details of all review processes (including reviewers, associate editors, and EICs' comments) as "Public" as it is agreed by EIC, Authors, and reviewers.

    Advantages of OPR:

    • To create more transparency, constructiveness, and tactful comments in the peer review process,
    • more motivations for all involved roles in the review process,
    • increase authors' satisfaction with the review process 
  • A complete list of all published reviewer's comments (OPR) with a direct link to the articles can be found in the below table. Simultaneously, you may find this list on each of our journals' homepages (at the top of the homepage). 
  • This dynamic list will be updated automatically after publishing each peer review (OPR).
  • Please contact us in case of any further questions/inquiries.


Article ID Download OPR Article Title E-PUB
102880 Download Local Blood Supply Chain Optimization: A Case Study 2020-12-23
109630 Download The COVID-19 Outbreak and Its Emotional Consequences: A Web-Based Cross-Sectional Survey at the Peak of the Pandemic in Iran 2020-11-28
106801 Download An Investigation of Natural Background Radiation and Health Risk Assessment in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province, Iran 2020-12-28
107817 Download Effects of Sleep Deprivation in Young and Adult Rats: An Assessment of Memory and Anxiety 2020-10-16
105778 Download COVID-19 and Educational Challenges: A Review of the Benefits of Online Education 2020-9-15
108052 Download Evaluation of Oxidative Stress in Patients with Fracture Admitted to Khatam Al-Anbia Hospital in Zahedan 2020-10-13
104579 Download Fighting Fatigue in Military Forces 2020-7-19
101972 Download The Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in Iranian Firefighters 2020-6-24
100882 Download Identifying and Evaluating the Decision-Making Styles of Patients Referring to Specialty and Subspecialty Clinics in Iran 2020-8-19
104283 Download Multi-Objective Optimization Method for Posture Prediction of Symmetric Static Lifting Using a Three-Dimensional Human Model 2020-7-20
101744 Download Responses of Visfatin and Resistin Concentration to Different Aerobic Training Intensities Protocols 2020-5-20
101585 Download A Novel Classification Method Based on Multilayer Perceptron-Artificial Neural Network Technique for Diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease 2020-5-20
97574 Download Effect of Selected Corrective Exercises on Glenohumeral Internal Rotation in Female Adolescent Swimmers with Scapular Dyskinesis 2019-11-26
98554 Download Prediction of Heavy Metals Concentration in the Groundwater Resources in Razan Plain: Extreme Learning Machine vs. Artificial Neural Network and Multivariate Adaptive Regression Spline 2019-12-18
97233 Download Effect of Eight Weeks of FIFA 11+ Training on the Agility and Explosive Power of Male College Volleyball Players 2019-10-14
99131 Download Effect of Endurance Training with Saffron Consumption on PGC1-α Gene Expression in Hippocampus Tissue of Rats with Alzheimer’s Disease 2020-3-24
100272 Download Nutritional Habits in Patients with Urinary Tract Stones Referred to Imam Reza Hospital in 2019 2020-3-24
113123 Download The Effect of Endurance Training with Crocin Consumption on the Levels of AMPK and NRF1 Gene Expression in the Soleus Muscles of Diabetic Rats 2021-5-15
98973 Download The Prevalence of Malaria in Soldiers, Zahedan, Iran 2020-1-4
117337 Download Novel Coronavirus and the Wastewater Treatment Plants Workers 2021-9-10
117099 Download Bioresonance Treatment of Intractable Corneal Ulcer 2021-9-20
111598 Download Radiological Characteristics of Patients Infected with Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19): A Retrospective, Observational Study from Iran 2021-2-14
113454 Download Prediction of Health Anxiety Based on Spiritual Well-being and Cognitive Emotion Regulation Strategies During COVID-19 in Iranian Individuals 2021-7-13
112274 Download A Brief Review on Advantages of Nano-based Drug Delivery Systems 2021-3-6
112871 Download Improvement of Phantom Pain by the Bioresonance Technology 2021-6-21
114833 Download Comparison of Mental Health of General Population at the Peak of COVID-19 Pandemic in Iran 2021-7-3
113043 Download The Effect of EDTA Buffer and Temperature on DNA Extraction from Teeth for Molecular Forensic Assessment 2021-7-10
111132 Download Prevalence of Undescended Testis in Tehran and the Main Risk Factors: A Cross-sectional Multicenter Study 2021-2-27
112038 Download The Emerging Impact of RNA Editing in Tumor Growth and Metastasis 2021-3-2
100630 Download Antileishmanial Effects of Propolis Against Leishmania major In Vitro and In Vivo 2020-4-6
103603 Download Modified Double-Layer Microsurgical Technique: Effective and Desirable Method for Vasectomy Reversal 2020-6-22
101311 Download Heavy Metals Accumulation and Health Risk Consumption in Some Vegetables, Isfahan, Iran 2021-2-2
112217 Download Effect of Betadine on Lymphocele Formation During Kidney Transplantation Surgery 2021-2-13