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Articles that have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication by the Editorial Board. They have not yet been copy edited and/or formatted in the publication house style, and may not yet have full functionality, e.g., Supplementary files may still need to be added, links to references may not resolve yet, etc.


Article ID Title
142447 Turkish Adaptation and Psychometric Properties of the Standardized Infant NeuroDevelopmental Assessment Neurological Scale in Turkish At-Risk Infants
142906 Effect of timing of rehabilitation nursing intervention on children with acute viral encephalitis
143040 Early detection of anterior segment visual complications in pediatrics with type 1 diabetes mellitus
143646 Sevoflurane Sedation for Postoperative Endocranial MRI in Six Year Old Boy with Moyamoya Angiopathy: a Case Report
143798 Home mechanical ventilation in children, Complications, and benefits, a two-year experience at a referral children's hospital
143843 Does Record of Physical Fitness Tests Reveal Locomotor Disorders in Children?: Relationship between Records of Physical Fitness Tests and Locomotor Disorder Screenings: Results in Japanese children
144106 Consolation Effect of Medical Clown Care Model in Children with Inguinal Hernia during Perioperative Period: A single-center study in China
146276 Genetic and Clinical Manifestations of Familial Mediterranean Fever in Children of Central North of Iran.