List of Articles with Open Peer Review (OPR) in this Journal

Last Update: 01 October, 2023 | 07:11

  • What is Open Peer Review?

    An "Open Peer Review" process is making the details of all review processes (including reviewers, associate editors, and EICs' comments) as "Public" as it is agreed by EIC, Authors, and reviewers.

    Advantages of OPR:

    • To create more transparency, constructiveness, and tactful comments in the peer review process,
    • more motivations for all involved roles in the review process,
    • increase authors' satisfaction with the review process 
  • A complete list of all published reviewer's comments (OPR) with a direct link to the articles can be found in the below table. Simultaneously, you may find this list on each of our journals' homepages (at the top of the homepage). 
  • This dynamic list will be updated automatically after publishing each peer review (OPR).
  • Please contact us in case of any further questions/inquiries.


Article ID Download OPR Article Title E-PUB
109411 Download Evaluating Prevalence and Misdiagnosis of Plasmodium Using Microscopy Compared With Polymerase Chain Reaction Technique in Two Tertiary Care Hospitals in Rivers State, Nigeria 2021-1-9
108958 Download CRP Levels in Viral Hepatitis: A Meta-Analysis Study 2020-11-23
107100 Download Performance of Students and Nursing Staff in Nosocomial Infection Control in Behbahan City 2020-11-11
106455 Download Emergency Management Strategies for Children with Rheumatic Disease During COVID-19 Epidemic Outside Hubei in China 2020-10-26
106361 Download N-acetylcysteine in Severe COVID-19: The Possible Mechanism 2020-8-31
107422 Download Fever Management of Critically Ill Patients with COVID-19 Infection: Less is More? 2020-10-31
109546 Download Identifying the Gaps in HIV Prevention and Treatment During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Nigeria 2020-12-22
108502 Download Infliximab is the Conventional Trick for Ulcerative Colitis as a Novel Therapeutic Option Against SARS-CoV-2 Infection 2020-10-20
107238 Download Space-Time Cluster Analysis of Malaria in Fars Province-Iran 2020-8-24
106243 Download Potential Drugs for Treating COVID-19 Infection 2020-10-10
104297 Download In-vitro Antimicrobial Effect of Silybum marianum Extract on Bacterial Isolates from the Semen of Infertile Men in Iran 2020-6-6
104698 Download Protection of Health Workers From Tuberculosis 2020-6-21
104142 Download Comparison of COVID-19 Severity Between Tropical and Non-Tropical Countries 2020-7-6
106039 Download Neonatal Outcomes Among Pregnant Women with COVID-19 2020-8-11
106028 Download Zoonotic Infections Overview: A Nigerian Perspective 2020-7-26
107092 Download The Role of Self-Responsible Response Versus Lockdown Approach in Controlling COVID-19 Pandemic in Kurdistan Region of Iraq 2020-9-1
106476 Download Acute Respiratory Infection in Co-Infection Form of Bacteria and Virus, Human Bocavirus with Streptococcus pneumoniae: A Case Report 2020-8-5
104463 Download Recombinant Antibodies Derived From Convalescent Whole Blood May Be the Answer to COVID-19 2020-6-6
104594 Download Evaluation of Antibacterial Properties of Chimeric Bovine Lactoferrin Peptide for Inhibition of Food and Plant Pathogens 2020-6-22
101633 Download An Unusual Variant of Lemierre’s Syndrome with Multiple Abscesses and Hepatic Vein Thrombosis 2020-5-27
101095 Download The Role of Oral Antibiotic Treatment in Prosthetic Joint Infections in the Elderly 2020-3-3
100315 Download Prevalence of Sonographic Signs in Children with Acute Hepatitis in Zahedan City, Southeast of Iran 2020-3-24
102184 Download COVID-19: The New Threat 2020-3-15
113427 Download A Systematic Review of Treatment Strategies Including Future Novel Therapies in Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever 2021-4-28
111246 Download COVID-19 Associated Mesenteric Ischemia in a Patient from Duhok City, Kurdistan Region of Iraq: A Case Report 2021-4-27
111443 Download COVID-19 and Increasing Risk of Antimicrobial Resistance 2021-5-18
110598 Download Toxoplasmosis in Pregnant Women and Non-pregnant Female Volunteers in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria 2021-4-19
110410 Download A Modeling Study of the Respiratory System for an Early Intervention of COVID-19 and Its Transmission 2021-4-19
108247 Download Evaluation of Drug Resistance Before and After Biofilm Formation of Bacteria Causing Wound Infection and Detection of Their Protease Activity 2021-5-18
107940 Download Effects of Intervention Schemes on Sulphadoxine-Pyrimethamine Compliance Among Pregnant Women in a Health Facility in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria 2021-4-7
108984 Download Combination Drug Therapy in COVID-19: Are We Using Sound Science in the Management of These Patients? 2021-4-6
113204 Download Response of Group B Streptococcus to the Combination of Gold Nanoparticles-Erythromycin as a Nanoweapon 2021-5-22
110110 Download Corticosteroids for the Treatment of SARS-CoV2 Infection: Does It Work? 2021-3-31
62478 Download Co-Infection of Hepatitis B and Human Papilloma Viruses in Two Nigerian States 2020-1-13
114588 Download The Effect of Artichoke Ethanolic Extract on Antibiotic-Resistant Clinical Strains of Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Women 2021-7-12
110359 Download Hematological Parameters in Adult Patients with COVID-19; A Case-Control Study 2021-6-6
110175 Download Epidemiological Characteristics of Human Brucellosis During 2014 - 2017 in Salmas, Iran 2021-7-12
104037 Download Frequency and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Bacterial Agents Causing Peritoneal Dialysis-Related Peritonitis: A Two-Center Experience 2020-11-11
110423 Download Introduction of a Novel Poly-Epitope Vaccine Against Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection; an Immunoinformatics Approach 2020-12-1
110731 Download Seroprevalence of Q Fever in Lorestan Province Veterinary Staff Using IFA Method 2021-1-9
104447 Download Comparative Evaluation of Linezolid and Teicoplanin in the Treatment of Ventilator-Associated MRSA Pneumonia: A Single-Center Experience 2020-8-1
114498 Download Evaluation of the Antimicrobial Activity of Olive and Rosemary Leave Extracts Prepared with Different Solvents Against Antibiotic-Resistant Escherichia coli 2021-7-12
110411 Download Once a Known Veterinary Pathogen, Now a Forgotten Zoonosis. Case Report of An Invasive Staphylococcus intermedius Group Infection 2021-7-13
108109 Download Mild Symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in a 3-Days-Old Newborn with Congenital Heart Disease: A Case Report 2021-7-26
114143 Download Low Occurrence of Virulence Determinants in Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus from Clinical Samples in Southwest Nigeria 2021-10-13
108023 Download Evaluation of Antimicrobial Activity and Anti-Quorum Sensing of Rosmarinus Methanol Extract on Pseudomonas aeruginosa 2021-1-13
116795 Download Epidemiology and Clinical Outcomes of Patients with Confirmed Influenza in Mashhad, Iran in 2019 2021-10-16
105833 Download Coronavirus and Public Health Lessons 2021-6-7
114563 Download Investigating the Antimicrobial Effects of Glycyrrhiza glabra and Salvia officinalis Ethanolic Extract Against Helicobacter pylori 2021-9-10
102929 Download Toxoplasmosis Among HIV Patients and Healthy Volunteers in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria 2020-6-13
99649 Download Infection Risks and Antimicrobial Resistance in Tertiary Hospitals in Benin: Study Cases of Sakété-Ifangni and Menontin Hospitals 2020-3-3
101639 Download Antioxidant Property and Bactericidal Activity of Linum usitatissimum Seed Essential Oil Nanoemulsion (LSEO-NE) on Staphylococcus aureus 2020-5-6
101243 Download Survey on the Prevalence of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae Infections and Their Possible Effects on Seminal Quality in Infertile Men 2020-3-1
101258 Download A Rare Presentation of Fulminant Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infection in Post Partum Period: Report of Two Cases 2020-4-5