Journal Metrics

Last Update: 01 June, 2024 | 07:07

Welcome to our Journal Metrics page, where we provide a comprehensive view of essential performance metrics for our journal. Here, you'll find important metrics such as monthly submissions, articles published each year, and our most viewed articles. Additionally, we offer insights into other key indicators, including indexing metrics, which illustrate the journal's reach and impact within the academic community. This page is designed to offer transparency and detailed insights to authors, reviewers, and readers interested in the journal's performance and influence in its field.


📝 Monthly Submissions

  • Explore our detailed breakdown of submissions by manuscript type across this journal over the past year.


📰 Published Articles

  • Discover the distribution of articles published in the last three calendar years in our journal, categorized by article type, and see how each category has contributed to our evolving academic discourse.                


📊 Journal Visibility

  • Explore the most viewed articles from our journal, showcasing popular research insights based on data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console, providing a snapshot of what captures the interest of our readers.
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