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Last Update: 04 March, 2024 | 11:17

⚠️ Please Do NOT submit your manuscripts to the OLD website.

We only do peer-review articles on the new ‎‎Journal Website: https://brieflands.com/journals/journal-of-cellular-molecular-anesthesia 


📢 Announcement:‎

‎"Brieflands is the new publisher of the Journal of Cellular & Molecular Anesthesia; beginning from 1 Jan 2024"‎


Dear Distinguished Authors & Readers,

‎We are pleased to announce that from 1 Jan 2024, the Journal of Cellular & Molecular Anesthesia ‎‎(JCMA) is being published with our new publisher: Brieflands! ‎


The journal's editorial board is pleased to announce that, beginning with Volume 9, Issue 1, JCMA is being published by Brieflands.


The attention of the readers and reviewers ‎of this journal is called to this important change since all processes of submission, tracking, and ‎publishing should be subsequently to the new publisher: Brieflands.‎


Concurrent with the change in publisher is an increase in the overall dimensions of the journal ‎environment. Authors are requested to refer to the revised instructions for Authors.


Date of Change-1 Jan 2024
URLhttps://journals.sbmu.ac.ir/jcma/index https://brieflands.com/journals/journal-of-cellular-molecular-anesthesia 
ScopesAll aspects of Cellular and Molecular Anesthesia, moreAll aspects of Cellular and Molecular Anesthesia, more


Print: 2538-2462 | Electronic: 2476-5120

Print: 2538-2462 | Electronic: 2476-5120

Affected Issuesissues before Volume 9 ‎Issue 1‎Volume 9 Issue 1 onwards
Article Acceptance FeeFreeRefer here
Instruction for AuthorsLinkLink


We look forward to hearing you about our new website.‎

Kind Regards,‎   
Prof. Ali Dabbagh


Dr. Seyyed M. Miri,   
CEO of Brieflands