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Last Update: 01 October, 2023 | 07:11


Explicit and implicit biases are real. There is a growing awareness in academic publishing that homogeneous editorial boards conflict with journals' values and scientific progress. Therefore, JJNPP decides to grow its international editorial boards and arranges to have respective editors' expertise in natural sciences or related subjects from all over the globe. It is our honor to invite you to join us.

To apply as editor of JJNPP, please submit a short CV and your link to Google Scholar and Scopus.

We also welcome those who wish to join us as associate editor; if so, submit

1. a short CV, and your link to Google Scholar and Scopus
2. explain how you would sharpen or expand the current scope and mission in this journal
3. highlight your academic standing and network.
4. outline a clear strategy of how you would develop the current journals further (growth in quantity and quality)


Please email your application documents with the subject line "Editor JJNPP". We thank all applicants for their interest but can only respond to those considered for the position.

Kind Regards,
JJNPP Editor-in-Chief
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