Accepted Manuscripts

Last Update: 01 October, 2023 | 07:11


Articles that have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication by the Editorial Board. They have not yet been copy edited and/or formatted in the publication house style, and may not yet have full functionality, e.g., Supplementary files may still need to be added, links to references may not resolve yet, etc.


Article ID Title
143404 Tendency to Consume Probiotics in the General Population: An Ecological Study
143805 The effectiveness of resilience training on the mental health among students
144360 The role of medical and nursing practitioners in times of pandemic: Lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis and future prospects
144371 Social-demographic predictors of sexual self-concept in women on the verge of marriage: A Cross Sectional Study
144821 Strengthening Africa's Healthcare System: A Multifaceted Approach to Addressing the Nurse and Midwife Shortage