Announcement: Brieflands is the new publisher of Mass Gathering Medical Journal

11 Mar, 2024


Brieflands is the new publisher of Mass Gathering Medical Journal

Dear Esteemed Authors and Readers,

We are excited to announce an important update concerning the Mass Gathering Medical Journal(MGMJ). Going forward, MGMJ will embark on a new chapter with our new publishing partner, Brieflands.

Aim & Scope: 

The Mass Gathering Medical Journal is dedicated to advancing knowledge and promoting research focused on the health and well-being associated with mass gathering events. Our scope includes a broad range of topics such as community health, health at Islamic and religious mass gatherings, non-religious mass gathering health issues, and the overall health risks at mass events.


Our mission is to offer a comprehensive platform for sharing ideas and research findings that address the health and safety challenges of large-scale gatherings.


 MGMJ welcomes diverse contributions, including research articles, reviews, and studies that explore health aspects of mass gatherings. Our interests span disease prevention, healthcare access, health disparities, health education, social determinants of health, crowd management, emergency preparedness, infectious disease surveillance, healthcare infrastructure assessment, health planning, cultural aspects of healthcare delivery, health risk assessments, disease epidemiology, safety protocols, medical interventions, and communication strategies.

Our coverage extends to both religious and non-religious gatherings, as well as globally significant events, aiming to shed light on the unique challenges and solutions pertinent to these different contexts. Our goal is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the development of effective health and safety strategies for participants at mass gatherings.

Scientific Collaborator: IUMS & IRCS

This transition to Brieflands represents a significant step forward in the growth and development of MGMJ, promising enhancements to the journal's scope and operational capabilities. We encourage our authors and contributors to familiarize themselves with the updated submission guidelines.

We are excited about this new phase in the journey of MGMJ and eagerly anticipate furthering our collaboration with our valued authors, readers, and reviewers in partnership with Brieflands.

We look forward to hearing you about our new website. 

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