NeoScriber: Journal Management System

Last Update: 18 March, 2024 | 10:35

NeoScriber by Brieflands is a flexible journal management system enhancing workflow efficiency for publications since 2010, offering tailored features and support.

Table of Contents:

NeoScriber: Journal Management System

NeoScriber: What does it mean?

NeoScriber (means: New Writer) is one of the leading products of Brieflands as a journal management system.


NeoScriber provides journals with a high level of flexibility to configure workflows. Designed to integrate easily with online publishing services, NeoScriber lowers administrative costs and reduces time from submission to publication. Since 2010, NeoScriber has provided small and medium journals with various options for getting online. Together this community has evolved to increase productivity and improve the workflow in the peer-review process. One of the brilliant features of NeoScriber is our hands-on, personalized service that allows you to set your parameters on what works for your organization. We do all we can to make your editorial team happy.


Main Features:

NeoScriber provides the technology infrastructure and platform that allows publishers to choose the site design, branding, feature set, business models, and content support they want for their publications. All content is hosted on Brieflands servers, using the NeoScriber Express production system.

  • Increase efficiency of publishing staff
  • Offer reviewers fast and easy access
  • Give Editors hands-on control
  • Streamline Author submissions


Sub-Systems of NeoScriber:

This portal consists of different facilities and tools that simplify managing an academic journal. NeoScriber, as one of the first journal management systems, consists of 3 sub-portals:

  1. Article Submission System
  2. Peer Review System
  3. Advanced and Integrated Publishing System



Features of NeoScriber

The main features of NeoScriber are as below:

  • Flexible and Pre-planned Online Submission based on Article Types
  • Manuscript and Users Management System
  • Advanced Search and Report Tools
  • Mega-Publish Area for simultaneous HTML and PDf full-text publishing and editing using XML in one place
  • NeoSuggestion: A unique portal for recycling all articles
  • NeoConnect: A special tool for searching and inviting Reviewers and Editorial Board based on researchers' profiles indexed in ISI, Medline, and Scopus
  • DOI enabled publications with Crossmark Linking 
  • Similarity checking powered by iThenticate
  • Automated XML outputs based on PMC XML DTD version 3.0, Crossref XML, Portico XML, ISC XML, HBI XML, RSS output, and many other libraries
  • Connected facilities for Social Media for sharing articles on Twitter, Facebook, Mendeley, etc.
  • Google Scholar meta Tags and sitemap enabled for all Articles
  • Open Access Enabled in all Articles
  • Fully Integrated Peer Review System (Double or Single Blind)
  • Open Peer Review Infrastructure: Signed or Anonymous reviewers
  • Publons Enabled Journals
  • ORCID Enabled System
  • Altmetrics Enabled System
  • Online Chat for Users
  • Support Ticketing System


Peer Review Portal in NeoScriber

Features of the NeoScriber Peer-Review System:

  1. Paperless and green office a journal with all functions of an editorial office available for Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editors, Reviewers, and Authors
  2. Automated and manual email and SMS notifications and reminders
  3. Single or Double-blind peer review system
  4. Post-Publication peer review system
  5. Customize workflow for all types of relationships between editors and reviewers
  6. NeoConnect: Search and invite new editorial board and reviewers from researchers' profiles in ISI, Medline, and Scopus
  7. Manage publishing of manuscript from early submission to end of proof publishing
  8. Service cloud with unlimited disk space for a journal


Features of Publish Site of Journal in NeoScriber

  • Full-text HTML Publishing with hyperlinks to figures, tables, and references
  • References hyperlinked and validated with DOI and PMC
  • Cited by with Scopus, Scholar, and Crossref
  • Export citations to Endnote, Bibtex
  • Get Permission from Copyright (CC BY NC 4)
  • Crossmark Enabled for Related articles
  • Link to Related Articles in Scholar and PubMed
  • Show Author profile in Scholar, PMC
  • Create Citation Alert per article
  • Share Articles in Social Media
  • Post-Publication Comments

Post-publication Services:

  • Automated Production of all outputs required for bibliographic sources like ISI, Medline, DOAJ, ISC Portico, etc.
  • In Press Publishing System for better visibility and higher citations
  • Post Publication Peer Review Portal for all Articles


What's New in each version of NeoScriber?


Version 6.8 (2024-04-06):

  • Show all steps in submission screening 
  • Implementation of dark mode in the new admin panel
  • Redesign of some pages in publishing sites
  • Improvements in the mobile view of the admin panel
  • Huge improvements in the new PDF generation method
  • Adding a new variable in the journal config for XML crossref
  • New Maquette Generator
  • Add AE to NeoReward
  • Pub-Dates and Journal Publishing Models
  • Add a category property for the journal
  • Bug Fixes


Version 6.7 (2024-03-10):

  • Reviewer and AE Registration Online Form
  • Implement Crossref deposit check
  • Import Indexing Links of an Article into our Man Info
  • Indexing report of an article
  • Implement a repository pattern for indexing sources
  • Screening Results transform
  • New transform for free of charge
  • Add New Field to Issues-Mosalsal
  • Many bug fixes


Version 6.6 (2024-02-18):

  • New Publish PDF generation method implementation 
  • Improvement Screening in core-front in code base and design
  • Fix data of the related article after import
  • Add a permission to cancel an approved invoices
  • XML importer for transferring issues and articles from other journal management systems
  • Show revision badge in manuscript notes
  • Implement a repository pattern for indexing sources
  • Many bug fixes


Version 6.5 (2024-01-28):

  • Implement of admin menus in the front
  • Implement new publish pdf generation
  • Rest of Core-front improvements
  • Remove some URLs in sitemap brieflands
  • Update the robots.txt file
  • Implement SEO features for the blog post editor in the admin site of Brieflands
  • Many bug fixes


Version 6.4  (2024-01-07):

  • change the UX of the Editorial Board Page
  • Design a page for Journal Infomation
  • Implement another way to get docx word count
  • Add an API endpoint to provide the front app with user resources and roles
  • Variable for List of Indexing Sources of each Journal
  • Search in Indexing Sources
  • Tagging improvements PubMed Central
  • Many bug fixes

Version 6.3 (2023-12-18):

  • Implement AES two-way encryption
  • Refactor pre-run-web middleware
  • Make the admin index dashboard an API
  • Refactor simple publish
  • Move ORCID data of people to a table and relate it with the user
  • Indexing source front
  • Completion of some documentation
  • Many bug fixes


Version 6.2 (01-12-2023):

  • Implement Redmine Logger
  • Improvement in exception handling
  • Splitting some modules from the journal module
  • Make online support configurable
  • Update TeX file generation according to TeX 2020
  • Bug fixes


Version 6.1 (01-10-2023):

  • Handle hotfixes
  • Movement of a build module
  • Screening API
  • Home page development
  • Refactoring add/edit journal
  • Documentations
  • Bug fixes 


Version 5.25 (01-10-2022)

  • Implement profile in neoscriber for all journals
  • Improvement in SEO
  • Improvement in Issue Publication Date
  • Add a search box to (link to the repository)
  • Bug fixes


Version 3.46 (09-03-2020):

  • Improvement in SEO tags of Scholar
  • Improvement in UX of "Manuscript information," "Screening Log."
  • Add limitation for "Incomplete Submissions" of authors
  • Add "Keyword Cloud" to show the most used keywords in the journal
  • Some Improvements in NeoConnect
  • Add a feature to search articles by keyword
  • Integration of journal publish domains


Version 3.44 (08-01-2020):

  • The "Main Corresponding Author" role is removed from the system since it was confusing for the authors
  • Corresponding authors can reuse specific files of previous revisions in the new revision
  • The archive page has been changed, and it is listed according to volumes, not the year of publication
  • Some significant improvements in SEO
  • Some improvements in mobile view
  • Some other minor and major bug fixes and improvements


Version 3.43 (15-12-2019):

  • Improvement of searching in published site results
  • NeoSuggest: A service that allows rejected manuscripts to be transferred to another Brieflands journal
  • Improvements in OPR (Open Peer Review)
  • Improvements in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Some bugs are fixed


Version 3.42 (01-12-2019):

  • NeoConnect: EIC and AE can add reviewers from the Pubmed database
  • EIC and AE can add reviewers from all our journals
  • Search in publish sites can include all articles in our journals
  • Fixed a bug that authors were not able to download similar files
  • Some new Google Scholar meta tags were added to article pages
  • Some modifications for SEO