Long-term effects of Hyalgan in treatment of osteoarthritis


avatar Zahra Reza Soltani 1 , avatar Sirous Azizi 1 , avatar Behruz Tavana 1 , avatar Masoomeh Bahrami asl 2 , *

Assistant Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department, Imam Reza Hospital, AJA University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran, Andorra
Researcher, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department, Imam Reza Hospital, AJA University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran., Andorra

how to cite: Reza Soltani Z , Azizi S , Tavana B , Bahrami asl M. Long-term effects of Hyalgan in treatment of osteoarthritis. Ann Mil Health Sci Res. 2013;11(3):e65771. 


Background: Osteoarthritis is the most common arthropathy and one cause of disability in old age. ACR criteria in patients with OA are age over 50 years, crepitation, morning stiffness less than 30 minutes and radiographic evidence. Molecular weight and concentrations of hyaluronic acid are reduced in patients with osteoarthritis that Hyalgan injection is based on this base. The purpose of this study is investigation of long-term effects of Hyalgan treatment in pain, range of motion and Impact on daily activities of patients with osteoarthritis.
Materials and Methods: After the accurate diagnosis of osteoarthritis (according to ACR criteria), measurement of joint line tenderness, ROM and pain intensity on the VAS (In different state such as sleep, walk, sit, etc.) and the WOMAC questionnaire, three joint injections (every week) will be considered. Then, patients at one week, one month, three months, eight months, and nine months after the end of treatment were re-evaluated. The results were analyzed by SPSS 16 software.
Results: In investigation of 61 patients, the most of pre-treatment variables compared with various stages of treatment, there was a statistically significant difference in all phases. The change was remitting up to third week of treatment that this trend is partially preserved up to 4 months of intervention, but after that, it was a little worse. It is noteworthy that even in the final follow-up compared with the initial visit; it still remains a significant therapeutic effect of Hyalgan.
Conclusion: These results indicate the beneficial effects of this type of therapy be short-term and mediumterm. These effects include a decrease in the resting state of the pain, in rest, walking, sitting, etc. Increase range of motion and reduce joint line tenderness. We should say about the long-term effects that these cases were less than the effects of short and medium term. But compare with before the intervention, the signs and symptoms significantly reduced.


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