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Announcement Last Update : 2020-06-22 04:56:55

Papers on COVID-19

Dear Authors,

The COVID-19 pandemic has made huge changes in education in any level and medical education is not an exception. In these situations utilizing various methods of e-learning has been one of the effective approaches for increase student’s knowledge and also inter-sectional coordination. For this reason and in the direction of the Virtual School of Medical Education & Managements’ mission, the Journal of Medical Education as the official Journal of this school, intends to allocate some part of its next volumes to papers related to e-learning. Focus of these parts will be on the role and the position of virtual education and e-learning in the Covid-19 pandemic and at the same time articles on other dimensions of e-learning would be accepted. Manuscripts can be review papers, original research, experiences and etc. and will review on Fast track merits and will be published if the criteria are met.



Dr. Shahram Yazdani

Editor in Chief