Consulting Services for Establishing a New Journal

Last Update: 18 November, 2023 | 16:25

Brieflands assists in launching academic journals, offering consultations on establishment needs, competitor analysis, publishing strategies, structure guidance, title selection, permit acquisition, and indexing.

Consultation Brieflands

The initial and crucial step for any scientific institute or organization in establishing a new journal involves a thorough assessment of the advantages and challenges of this significant endeavor. At Brieflands, we offer comprehensive consultation and in-depth discussions to our clients. We provide a forward-looking perspective on publishing a journal in your specific field, which includes evaluating the following criteria: 


  1. Assessing Journal Establishment Needs: This involves analyzing the institute's capacity for knowledge production, including the number of researchers, the rate of article production, and the ability to attract quality submissions.
  2. Competitor Analysis: Identifying and understanding both local and international competitors in the scientific community relevant to the journal's focus.
  3. Developing a Publishing Roadmap: Crafting a strategic plan to meet the ultimate objectives of journal publishing, ensuring a clear path to success.
  4. Guidance on Journal Structure: Assisting in identifying and defining the key elements of the journal, including its scope, editorial policies, and operational framework.
  5. Title Selection Consultation: Providing expert advice on choosing a suitable and impactful title for the journal that reflects its essence and attracts the target audience.
  6. Permit Acquisition Assistance: Offering guidance on obtaining the necessary approvals and permits from ministries of science, health, and culture, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
  7. Indexing Strategy: Advising on strategies to achieve inclusion in international and reputable indexing databases, which is crucial for enhancing the journal's visibility and credibility.