Consulting on Ethics in Publications

Last Update: 20 November, 2023 | 11:12

Brieflands expertly handles ethical challenges in STM publishing, from authorship issues and plagiarism to liaising with COPE and managing retractions.


Addressing ethical challenges and malpractices in journal publishing requires adherence to rigorous ethical and official standards. We treat every concern as a significant risk to the journal's integrity. Our team of experts diligently handles cases throughout all publication phases – pre-publication, during, and post-publication. Our comprehensive services include:

  • Identifying and Preventing Authorship Issues or Data Fabrications: We tackle complex authorship problems like guest authorship, where individuals are named as authors despite not contributing significantly, and gift authorship, which involves granting authorship as a favor or out of respect. We also address data fabrication, ensuring the authenticity and reliability of research data.
  • Managing Ethical Considerations or Plagiarism: Our team employs advanced tools and techniques to detect plagiarism, ensuring the originality and intellectual integrity of the content. We provide guidance on addressing and rectifying plagiarism issues effectively based on the COPE flowcharts and best practices.
  • Resolving Copyright Disputes: We handle disputes related to copyright infringement, ensuring the protection of intellectual property rights. Our team provides expertise in navigating the complexities of copyright laws and agreements.
  • Handling Article Withdrawals and Retractions: In cases where articles need to be withdrawn or retracted due to errors, ethical breaches, or other significant issues, we manage the process transparently and responsibly, maintaining the integrity of the publication record.
  • Addressing Issues Arising During the Review Process: We address challenges encountered during peer review, such as bias, conflict of interest, or delays in the review process. Our approach ensures a fair, unbiased, and efficient review system, upholding the standard of the journal.