Enhancing Journal Visibility: Brieflands' Scientometric Services and Achievements

Last Update: 20 November, 2023 | 18:51

Brieflands boosts journal impact through strategic scientometric services, ensuring visibility in major databases and enhanced social media sharing.

"Boosting Journal Impact: Scientometric Strategies and Successes at Brieflands"

Brieflands Increases Journal Visibility

Scientometric Services

To enhance the visibility of academic journals, it's crucial to be indexed in major scientific databases, making research accessible to a wider audience. Adhering to publishing standards and ensuring the timely publication of high-quality articles are key steps in increasing a journal's prominence in these databases.

At Brieflands, our primary objective is to boost the visibility of all our journals. Achieving this involves not only publishing high-quality articles promptly but also conducting an annual internal evaluation of our journals, followed by developing and implementing strategic plans tailored to each journal's needs.

  Our Achievements: 

We have successfully indexed several Brieflands journals in prominent scientific databases, reflecting our commitment to quality and visibility. Discover more about our indexed journals here.


  CitedBy Service: 

Utilizing the 'CitedBy' feature, our editorial boards can track article citations through Crossref, Scholar, and Scopus, offering valuable insights into the impact of published research.

  Social Media Sharing: 

We've streamlined the process of sharing articles on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, CiteULike, and Mendeley, making it easier for authors and readers to promote and engage with our content.