XML Services in Academic Publishing

Last Update: 02 January, 2024 | 13:03

"Discover Brieflands' XML services for academic journals: Automated XML conversion, Crossref integration, enhanced citation tracking, and high-quality PDFs."

Brieflands XML Services


Comprehensive Digital Archiving with XML

At Brieflands, we leverage the power of XML, the most comprehensive method for archiving digital data. Our journal management system, powered by an automated engine, skillfully converts your published articles into standardized XML packages. Our system is compatible with PMC XML DTD 3.0, Crossref XML, Portico XML, and various other libraries, ensuring broad compatibility and accessibility.


Key Benefits of Our XML Services:

  • Seamless Online Publication: Quickly publish articles on your journal's official website.
  • Crossref Integration: Effortlessly connect to Crossref, generating accurate metadata and activating DOI links for each article.
  • CitedBy Connection: Enhance article visibility and citation tracking.
  • High-Quality PDF Production: Our system also produces visually appealing, well-designed PDFs, ensuring your articles are presented in the best possible format.


Embrace the future of academic publishing with Brieflands' XML services, where efficiency meets quality.