Production Assistant (Job Code 82)

Last Update: 19 June, 2022 | 13:14

Job Code 82 Production Assistant
Age Maximum 30 years
Gender Male / Female
Main Requirements 1) English Editing
2) Advanced English Level (IELTS > 6 or equivalent level of TOEFL)
3) Basic knowledge about academic journals and editing articles.
General Requirements فرد مورد نظر به عنوان یکی از همکاران تولید مجله در انتشارات مجلات دانشگاهی فعالیت میکند
این شرکت در زمینه انتشار مجلات دانشگاهی فعالیت میکند

The person will work in an academic publishing company, which publishes more than 60 journals, as a production assistant to publishing a scientific journal.

A motivated person with Positive Social and behavioral background, the ability for teamwork
عدم سو پیشینه کیفری
ضمانت حسن انجام کار

As the Production assistant of an academic journal for style editing, reference editing, English editing, copy editing, communication with authors, reviewers, editor in chiefs, indexing the journals in major databases and working with XML, HTML, InDesign.
Living Area Tehran
Major Field
رشته تحصیلی

Bsc of Sciences or Computer or Engineering 

MSc or Ph.D. or MD of Sciences, Medicine, Paramedics, English Literature

 دارای روحیه کار تیمی و علاقه مند به یادگیری ،htmlکارشناس تولید/ و ویرایش مقالات مسلط به انگلیسی و آشنا به

Job Experience
سابقه کار
Min 2 years in the related job
حداقل 2 سال سابقه کار کاملاً مرتبط
English Knowledge Advanced English Level (IELTS > 6 or equivalent level of TOEFL)
Job Type Full-Time Position (Sat. to Wed. 8:30 am to 5:30 pm)
Work Place Kowsar Corporation, Regional Office at Gisha, West of Tehran, Iran
Insurance After 1 month (due to bilateral unstable conditions)
Salary Based on knowledge and experience
Test Period The First 1 month will be as Test Period with a minimum salary and no insurance

How to Apply?

STEP 1: Before online application, prepare these required document:
1. Your photo (image file) 
2. Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume 

STEP 2: 
send all your applications and documents to cv production [at]kowsarpub [dot]com

note: Please send all information by email. In urgent cases call our local office at +98 21 88352301-6