NeoScriber 6.4: Empowering Your Journal with Cutting-Edge Features

17 Mar, 2024


Discover NeoScriber 6.4: Your ultimate publishing assistant! Revolutionizing editorial tasks with powerful features for effortless journal management.

Imagine a world where managing your journal's content is as easy as a few clicks. Welcome to NeoScriber 6.4. This advanced software, designed specifically for Brieflands Publications, revolutionizes the way you handle editorial tasks. It's like having a virtual assistant that streamlines every step of the publishing process, from submission to final publication.

With NeoScriber 6.4, we've redefined efficiency and performance in the publishing world. We've integrated powerful features and upgrades that turn your journal into a well-oiled machine. The new upgrades make the software more user-friendly, saving you time and effort. It's about making your life easier, so you can focus on what matters most - producing high-quality content.

Let's dive into the multiple ways NeoScriber 6.4 enhances your journal's efficiency and performance. From changes in the user experience (UX) of the Editorial Board Page to designing a new Journal Information page, we've got you covered.

Release updates:

Introducing the latest feature in NeoScriber:

the revamped user experience (UX) of the Editorial Board Page. This innovative enhancement is designed to streamline the manuscript management process, particularly during peer review. With the new UX, associate editors can efficiently navigate through manuscripts, access essential information, and provide feedback seamlessly. This intuitive interface empowers editors to make informed decisions swiftly, ensuring a smoother and more effective peer review process. Experience the difference with NeoScriber's enhanced Editorial Board Page, making manuscript management easier and more efficient than ever before.

Design a page for Journal Information:

Introducing the latest addition to NeoScriber: Journal Management System - "Design a Page for Journal Information." This innovative feature is tailored to optimize the manuscript management process for associate editors during peer review. By creating a dedicated page within the system, associate editors can efficiently oversee manuscript details, streamlining the peer review process and facilitating effective communication among stakeholders. From tracking manuscript progress to accessing critical information, "Design a Page for Journal Information" offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency in journal management. Experience seamless manuscript oversight with NeoScriber's newest feature.

Implement another way to get docx word count:

This innovative feature provides associate editors with an alternative method to accurately determine the word count of manuscripts during peer review. Associate editors can now effortlessly access the word count of DOCX files directly within the journal management system, streamlining the manuscript management process.

Search in Indexing Sources:

Empowering informed editorial decisions, NeoScriber's "Search in Indexing Sources" feature integrates seamlessly within the peer review workflow. Associate editors can now directly search for a manuscript's topic across popular indexing sources, without ever leaving the NeoScriber platform. This valuable tool facilitates a more comprehensive review process by enabling editors to assess the novelty and originality of submitted work within the scholarly landscape. Streamline your editorial workflow and ensure insightful manuscript evaluations with NeoScriber's innovative search functionality.

Tagging improvements PubMed Central:

Elevate the efficiency and accuracy of manuscript tagging with NeoScriber's enhanced "Tagging improvements PubMed Central" feature. This innovative update streamlines the process for associate editors to assign relevant PubMed Central (PMC) subject terms during peer review. The improved tagging system leverages a user-friendly interface and pre-populated suggestions based on manuscript keywords, ensuring consistency and reducing the time spent on categorization. This translates to faster manuscript processing and ultimately, a smoother editorial workflow for associate editors.

Brieflands Publications continues to push the boundaries of innovation with NeoScriber 6.4. This powerful journal management software empowers you to streamline your workflow, collaborate seamlessly, and deliver exceptional publications.

Unparalleled Publishing Experience:

  • Simplify manuscript management from submission to final publication.
  • Enhance collaboration between editors, reviewers, and authors.
  • Focus on what matters most: producing high-quality research.


Release updates:

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