Publishing Services

Last Update: 18 November, 2023 | 14:02

"Brieflands provides a full range of publishing services for academic journals, focusing on quality, compliance, and innovation for editorial excellence."


Brieflands proudly offers a comprehensive suite of publishing services tailored to the needs of academic journals, ensuring quality, compliance, and innovation at every step. Our services include:


Consultation Service

  Consultations for Establishing a New Journal:  

We guide you through every critical aspect of launching a new academic journal, from conceptualization to implementation. 

NeoScriber: Journal Management System

  NeoScriber Journal Management System:

A state-of-the-art system that streamlines the management of submissions, peer review, and publication processes.

API Integration and Added Value Services

  API Integration and Added Value Services:

Enhancing journal operations and user experience by connecting to various APIs for improved functionality.

Consultation Service

  Ethics in Publications:

We support journals in upholding the highest ethical standards in line with COPE guidelines, fostering trust and integrity.

Language Editing Services

  Language Services (Gold & Silver):

Offering comprehensive language editing and translation services to ensure clarity and precision in academic writing.

Brieflands Academy of Journalism

  Journalism Workshops for Editorial Boards:

Tailored training sessions to enhance the skills and knowledge of editorial board members in various aspects of journal management and publishing.

Brieflands Increases Journal Visibility

  Enhancing Journal Visibility:

Increasing the visibility and impact of published articles through advanced scientometric analyses and strategies.

Methodological Consultation at Brieflands

  Methodological & Peer Review Consultations:

Providing expert advice on all aspects of academic review processes to maintain the highest standards of scholarly rigor.

Brieflands Design and Layout Services

  Design, Graphic, Layout, and Printing Services:

Crafting visually appealing layouts and designs for journals, along with professional printing services.

Brieflands Plagiarism Detection Service

  Plagiarism Detection & Prevention:

Utilizing advanced tools and techniques to ensure the originality and integrity of scientific research.

Brieflands Style Editing Services

  Style & Reference Editing (AMA Manual of Styles):

Ensuring consistency and accuracy in style and referencing as per the AMA Manual of Styles.

Brieflands Integrated Publishing Services

  Advanced & Integrated Publishing Experience (XML, PDF, HTML):

Streamlining the publication process with simultaneous multi-format publishing options.

Brieflands XML Services

  XML Services in Academic Journals:

Providing XML conversion services for enhanced digital archiving and accessibility.

Brieflands Webshop Service for Journals

  Payment Portal for Article Processing Charges:

A seamless and transparent system for managing and processing article charges.

Brieflands DOI Serivces

  DOI, CrossMark and other Crossref Services: 

Assigning Digital Object Identifiers to articles for permanent, reliable, and citable online presence.

Brieflands Open Access Policy

  Open Access with Copyright Protection:

Offering open access publishing while protecting the copyrights of authors and researchers.

Each of these services is designed to assist journals in achieving excellence in publishing, ensuring that they meet global standards and contribute significantly to the academic community.