Boost Your Journal with NeoScriber 6.3: Unveiling the Latest Features

16 Mar, 2024


Discover NeoScriber: Your scholarly writing revolutionized. Streamline workflow, collaborate seamlessly, and boost efficiency. Enter NeoScriber 6.3 for an enhanced journaling experience.

Remember when you had to sift through piles of papers, trying to find that one piece of information that could tie your research together? Or the countless hours spent in front of your computer, trying to organize your thoughts and ideas into a coherent article? Well, those days are long gone thanks to NeoScriber, your trusted assistant in the world of scholarly writing and publishing.

NeoScriber, the journal management service, and tool offered by Brieflands Publications, has revolutionized the scholarly writing and publishing process. With NeoScriber, researchers and authors can streamline their workflow, collaborate seamlessly, and bring their ideas to life more efficiently than ever before. Now, let's enter a new era with the release of NeoScriber 6.3. This latest version of our intuitive and powerful tool comes packed with innovative features that promise to revolutionize your journaling experience. From an enhanced admin panel and improved middleware to a revamped publishing process and better data management, NeoScriber 6.3 is here to take your scholarly writing to the next level. Excited to know more? Let's dive in and explore the stunning new features of NeoScriber 6.3.

Release updates:

Admin Panel: Your Control Centre

One of the key features of NeoScriber 6.3 is the newly designed admin panel. We know how important it is for you to have full control over your work, so we've added a controller that allows you to see the complete history of every document. This means you can easily track changes, compare versions, and ensure your work progresses as intended. We've also made the admin index dashboard an API. This means you can now access your dashboard and all its features from any device, anytime, anywhere. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the move, your admin panel is just a click away. And we didn't stop there. We've replaced the Guzzle HTTP usage with the Laravel HTTP facade for a more streamlined and efficient data-handling process. These changes aim to provide you with a seamless and hassle-free user experience, so you can focus on what matters most - your research.

Middleware and Publishing: Efficiency at Its Best

We know that speed and efficiency are at the heart of your research and writing process. That's why we've refactored the pre-run-web middleware in NeoScriber 6.3. This means the system is now more responsive and faster, enabling you to easily navigate and use the application. We've also refactored the simple publish feature. This means you can now publish your work with just a few clicks, saving you precious time and effort. Plus, the new unassigned group feature allows you to categorize and manage your work more efficiently across all sites. Together, these changes are designed to enhance your productivity and make your writing and publishing process smoother and more efficient.

Managing Indexing Sources for Your Journal

We are excited to introduce a new feature of the NeoScriber Journal Management System: "Indexing Source Front." This innovative tool is specifically designed to streamline and enhance the management of indexing sources for journals. With Indexing Source Front, journal editors and publishers can effortlessly track, update, and manage the indexing status of their publications across various databases and indexing services. This feature provides a centralized platform to monitor indexing criteria compliance, submit indexing applications, and view the progress and status of current listings. It is instrumental in ensuring that journals are accurately represented and easily discoverable in prestigious indexing databases, ultimately increasing their visibility, accessibility, and impact in the academic community. The Indexing Source Front is a testament to our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of journal management and contribute to the broader dissemination of scholarly research.

Data Management: A Leap Forward

Data is the lifeblood of research. That's why we've moved the ORCID data of people to a table and related it with the user in NeoScriber 6.3. This means you can now manage and access your data more easily, making your research process more organized and efficient. Furthermore, we've introduced the indexing source front feature. This allows you to index your sources in a more structured manner, making it easier for you to find and access the information you need. Finally, we've made changes in the H1/H5 tags in individual articles. These changes ensure your content is more visible and accessible to your readers, enhancing the overall reading experience.

ORCID improvements in Submission

At Brieflands, we are excited to introduce a new feature in our journal management system, NeoScriber: the Implementation of ORCID. This innovative feature streamlines the process of adding validated authors to a manuscript during submission, ensuring accuracy and authenticity in authorship. ORCID provides a unique identifier for each researcher, helping to distinguish their work and contributions from those of others with similar names. By integrating ORCID into NeoScriber, we offer authors and editors a seamless way to connect and verify academic records, enhancing the reliability of the publication process. This addition not only simplifies the submission procedure for our contributors but also reinforces the integrity of scholarly communication within our platform. We are proud to support our academic community with tools that facilitate efficient, secure, and verified research dissemination.

Associate editors in Pee Review 

We are excited to introduce a significant enhancement to the "NeoScriber: Journal Management System" — the "Improvement of Associate Editor" feature. This innovative update revolutionizes the way associate editors manage manuscripts during the peer review process. Designed with efficiency and user-friendliness in mind, this feature streamlines the workflow, allowing associate editors to oversee the review process more effectively. From assigning reviewers with specialized expertise to tracking the progress of reviews and facilitating communication between parties, the "Improvement of Associate Editor" feature ensures a smooth, transparent, and timely review process. This enhancement not only elevates the quality of the peer review but also significantly reduces the time to decision, benefiting authors, reviewers, and editors alike. Explore this new feature on Brieflands and experience the future of journal management today.

In conclusion, NeoScriber 6.3 is not just an upgrade. It's a revolution in scholarly writing and publishing. With its new features and improvements, it promises to boost your productivity, enhance your user experience, and take your journaling to the next level. So, why wait? Experience the power of NeoScriber 6.3 today and let it transform your scholarly writing journey. Remember, a new era of journaling awaits you. Are you ready to seize it?


Release updates:

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