Announcing NeoScriber 6.11: Enhanced Journal Management System on Brieflands

08 Jul, 2024


Discover NeoScriber's enhanced journal management system with Update Version 6.11. Streamline your publishing process today!

Brieflands, the leading STM publisher, is excited to announce the release of NeoScriber version 6.11 - the latest update to their premier journal management system. NeoScriber, Brieflands' flagship product, continues to evolve with this feature-rich update that streamlines the management of academic journals. The new version introduces a range of enhancements focused on improving user experience and increasing workflow efficiency for editors, reviewers, and authors. Key highlights include an enhanced journal finder, improved search capabilities within the publishing platform, and seamless integration with Brieflands' suite of publishing services. This update solidifies NeoScriber's position as the go-to solution for academic publishers seeking a cutting-edge, comprehensive journal management system.


New Method for Making Journal's  Maquette

This innovative approach simplifies the customization process, empowering editors to apply unique styles and formats to their journals with greater ease and precision. The new maquette method offers a user-friendly interface that enables editors to seamlessly modify the layout, typography, and visual elements of their journal pages. The intuitive design options, coupled with real-time previewing capabilities, allow editors to experiment and fine-tune their journal's appearance until they achieve the perfect look and feel. This enhanced level of customization not only strengthens the journal's identity but also enhances the overall reading experience for authors and subscribers alike.


Enhanced Figure Preview and Formula Display with TeX

Brieflands has implemented significant improvements to the TeX integration in the NeoScriber Journal Management System, addressing user feedback and enhancing the overall quality of scientific content presentation. This update focuses on two key areas: 

  • The system now offers crystal-clear rendering of complex mathematical equations and scientific formulas. This ensures that even the most intricate expressions are displayed with precision and clarity, benefiting STM publishers and researchers in fields heavily reliant on mathematical notation. Figures and diagrams now benefit from sharper previews that accurately represent the final published version. This improvement allows authors to have greater confidence in how their visual data will appear in the final publication.
  • These enhancements significantly improve the readability of scientific content and the overall presentation of research findings on the Brieflands platform. By providing more accurate previews, the system enables authors to better assess their work before publication and allows readers to engage more effectively with the content, ultimately facilitating improved comprehension and dissemination of scientific knowledge.


Introduction of Consent Mode

In our ongoing commitment to user privacy and data protection, Brieflands has implemented a comprehensive Consent Mode across all our websites. This new feature is designed to align with stringent privacy regulations such as GDPR and to enhance user trust in our platform. The Consent Mode empowers users with granular control over their data, allowing them to manage their consent preferences regarding data collection and usage with unprecedented transparency and ease. Upon visiting any Brieflands website, users are now presented with a clear and intuitive consent management interface. This interface provides detailed information about the types of data collected, the purposes for which it is used, and the option to customize consent settings. Users can choose to accept all, reject all, or selectively manage their preferences for various data processing activities, such as analytics, personalization, and advertising. This level of control not only ensures compliance with global privacy laws but also demonstrates our dedication to ethical data practices. By implementing this Consent Mode, we're fostering a more trustworthy environment for our academic community, where researchers, authors, and readers can engage with our platform confidently, knowing their privacy choices are respected and protected.


Acceptance Letter Modifications

We have updated the acceptance letter format to provide clearer, more concise communication to authors. The new format includes essential information and guidelines, making it easier for authors to understand the next steps in the publication process.


Advanced Search Improvements

Our advanced search functionality has been significantly improved to deliver more accurate and relevant results. Users can now perform more precise searches with enhanced filtering options, making it easier to find specific articles, authors, and topics within the extensive database of Brieflands journals. We are confident that these updates will greatly enhance your experience with NeoScriber and improve the overall efficiency and quality of journal management on We look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy the new features and improvements in version 6.11.



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