Introducing NeoScriber 6.12 - Enhanced Journal Management on Brieflands

08 Jul, 2024


Discover the latest features in NeoScriber 6.12, the premier journal management system on Brieflands. Experience improved publishing sites, new APIs, and more. Update now!

We are delighted to announce the release of NeoScriber version 6.12, the latest update to the premier journal management system on Brieflands, STM Publisher. This version comes packed with new features and improvements to further enhance the user experience and streamline journal management processes. Below, we provide an overview of the key changes and their impact.


Improvements of Brieflands Journal Publish Sites

With the release of NeoScriber version 6.12, Brieflands has implemented substantial enhancements to its journal publishing sites, revolutionizing the user experience for both authors and readers. The updated interface boasts a sleek, intuitive design that prioritizes ease of navigation and content discovery. Key improvements include a streamlined layout with clear categorization of articles, enhanced search functionality with advanced filtering options, and responsive design elements that ensure optimal viewing across all devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones.


NeoScriber's Advanced Financial API Solution

Building on the recent updates to NeoScriber, Brieflands has introduced a groundbreaking Financial Software API implementation in version 6.12, marking a significant advancement in journal management efficiency for STM publishers. This powerful API integration establishes a seamless connection between NeoScriber and external financial systems, revolutionizing how financial data is handled throughout the publishing process.

The new Financial Software API streamlines critical tasks such as processing article processing charges (APCs), managing subscription fees, and tracking royalty payments. It enables real-time data exchange and automated workflows, significantly reducing manual work and potential errors. Publishers can now effortlessly reconcile payments, generate detailed financial reports, and gain instant insights into their journal's financial performance. The API also supports various payment gateways and currencies, facilitating smoother transactions for international authors and subscribers. This enhanced financial integration not only improves operational efficiency but also provides greater transparency and accuracy in financial management, contributing to more informed decision-making and sustainable publishing practices within the Brieflands ecosystem. As with previous NeoScriber updates, this new feature demonstrates Brieflands' ongoing commitment to improving and streamlining the journal management process for its users.


Improvements of New PDF Generation Method

We have upgraded our PDF generation method to provide higher-quality document rendering. This improvement ensures that all published articles maintain a consistent and professional appearance, with clearer text and more precise image reproduction. Authors and readers will benefit from better readability and presentation of research content.


Implement Disposition for Man Info for API Endpoint

Alongside the new actions, we have also implemented disposition handling for managing information via the API endpoint. This enhancement ensures that user data is accurately processed and appropriately handled, improving the overall reliability and security of data management operations.

Complete Proof API Transform

We have completed the proof API transform, which optimizes the proofing process for submitted articles. This transformation ensures faster and more accurate proof generation, reducing the time authors spend on reviewing and correcting proofs. The result is a more efficient workflow and quicker publication timelines. We are confident that these updates in NeoScriber version 6.12 will greatly enhance your experience and efficiency in managing academic journals on Brieflands. We look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy the new features and improvements.



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